Cheap Frenzy Barbarian Guide (Clears Uber Tristram Easy) – Diablo 2 Resurrected

Character Download for the Frenzy Barbarian –
Intro: 0:00
Overview of the Build 0:56
Better Than a Smiter? / Build Strengths 1:20
Lightning Absorb Theory??? 3:06
Items / Equipment 3:47
Skill Tree 14:00
Attributes 15:06
Quick *How to Play* a Frenzy Barbarian 15:17
Proccing Fade 16:41
✨Mephisto 18:06
✨Baal (How to properly pull him) 19:03
✨Diablo 22:34 (Put Treachery back on to proc fade and switch back to Duress when it does) *Optional stock up on health potions in town and then begin to take down Diablo*
🔥 Torch drop 24:40

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