Diablo 2 Hell Sorceress ACT 2 beating Duriel

This is Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction ACT 2 with Hell Sorceress. Timestamps and several keypoints are as below:

00:11 – Battle with Duriel in Tal Rasha’s Chamber, Round 1
01:54 – Battle with Duriel, Round 2
03:50 – Battle with Duriel, Round 3
07:00 – Battle with Duriel, Final Round.
08:59 – Stats and skills, and gears.

➤ Keypoints in ACT2
– Most cold immune enemies ran away with Level 3 Teleport skill
– Only Level 20 Frozen Orb for catching the Duriel. Frankly speaking I forgot to apply to the Lvl 9 static field during the battle. Good practice to kill Duriel in hell…

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