Diablo 2 Resurrected Drop Hightlights! 100 Travincal and Mephisto Runs w/ 340 MF (Blizzard Sorc)

Hey guys! Sorry, I was planning to do a better introduction with my gear and stats, but I accidentally respec’d my Sorc after without thinking. I promise to do this next video and show you the new gear I’m wearing 😉

Quick rundown of my gear I was wearing:
– Shako (w/ P Topaz)
– Hoto
– Enigma
– 35 FCR Spirit
– Maras
– 2x 30MF Nagels
– 49MF War Travs
– CTA/Spirit Off-hand
– Trang Gloves
– Sorc Torch
– 40MF Gheeds
– Cold Skillers
– Various MF Small Charms

~340 Magic Find

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