Diablo 2 Resurrected- KEYS of Destruction, Hate, Terror FAST – Full Farm Guide – PS5

Hey all! This is a full guide for farming keys including how I gain key sets so quickly.

My basic strategy is to farm D keys VERY fast and trade them for H and T. I may even buy T keys very cheaply, usually 3 keys for only a Pul rune.

Please ask any questions or leave tips of your own in the comments!

0:49 General info, important tips, key value/trading

3:53 Terror key run
Tile trick

7:11 Hate key run
Kill ghosts for runes

8:34 Destruction keys- Guaranteed maps!
Halls of Vaught giveaway- walk right to Nihl
9:40 Only 3 maps- VERY Fast runs

Thanks for…

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