Incident At AEW Full Gear 2021! WWE Rebranding NXT 2.0 AGAIN?! Kenny Omega Time Off? | WrestleTalk

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Do you think Charlotte and Becky’s heat has become a work? And do you think everyone dislikes Charlotte because of sexism? Let me know in the comments…
10 Wrestlers Who Visibly Hated Their Own Matches 👉
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0:00 – Coming Up…
0:42 – AEW Full Gear 2021 Botch
4:33 – Kenny Omega Taking Time Off
5:56 – Ric Flair On AEW Ratings
9:53 – WWE Rebranding NXT 2.0?
10:54 – NXT 2.0 “Review”?
Incident At AEW Full Gear 2021! WWE…

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